Yondar makes locating friends and places easy!

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Yondar is a website that looks like an app.

A link is all you need to start using it in your mobile web browser!

Join a Space and invite friends by texting them your unique link.

Try Yondar out right now at https://yondar.me

Attendees and Social Gatherings

See through the crowds to find points of interest and send friends a private link to connect and find each other in a real-time 3D world.

Business and Tourist Attractions

Create beacons, allowing visitors to take a self-guided tour and/or navigate to various points of interest in AR.

Deploy Yondar at your park or next event.

Improves the visitor experience!

Private and secure location sharing!

Augmented Reality wayfinding!

Increase Visitor Traffic

Businesses, signage, or vendor areas marked by a Yondar Beacon have a better chance of bringing attendees to spaces they might not have visited otherwise.

Engage and Interact

Once a user navigates to your beacon, capture their attention with gamification, audio tours and/or AR-enabled videos and animation.

Provide Revenue Opportunities

Events and tourist attractions maintain 100% of revenue from vendor beacon sales and in experience sponsorships.

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Yondar’s new metaverse layer


Seekers logo

Yondar’s new metaverse layer

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The world’s first augmented reality game powered by NFTs!

The world’s first augmented reality game powered by NFTs!

Seekers is an immersive multiplayer game that covers the globe. Step outside to explore a mysterious new world and wield powerful relics in battle!

Coming soon as a new metaverse layer within Yondar.me.

  • Find useful NFTs in the real world!

  • Join a guild and engage in epic battles

  • Easily toggle between Yondar wayfinding and Seekers gaming

  • Earn rewards and find treasure right in your own neighborhood!

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Don’t miss the Founder Genesis NFT Mint!

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